Investment Service



Complete residential flip:


During this process of complete residential flip, we here at Bourbon City Homes will locate a property that needs a complete remodel to get it back in condition that is comparable with what the market suggests. We first locate the property, then purchase the property. We then will put together a scope of work for the market. We bring in our contractors to complete the rehab process and get one of our highly skilled agents to list and market the property.



Quick Spruce Up Flip:


During this process we locate a property that does not need a complete remodel and just needs touch up work. The property might just need fresh paint and landscape work. It might need a new bathroom or a small upgrade to the kitchen. Everything in this flip would be a cost effective option and would be a quicker turnaround then a complete residential flip. However, the return on the investment would not be as lucrative as a complete residential flip. That does not mean that this option is not a good option. We have a very unique system to evaluating a property. If it meets the standard number then we pursue.



Creating and Maintaining Passive Income Streams:


This is a totally different option than the first two. We at Bourbon City Homes will locate a property that we recommend that you hold on to. This creates a positive cash flow to your financial portfolio. We also have a very unique system for this option as well. We will locate the property, purchase the property, get property in legal order, find renter and sign lease, maintain property for you and handle all renters. This option allows you to invest in a property that creates a cash flow and allows you to build wealth over time that will be a more long term financial solution. Great retirement plan!



We Will Buy Your Property:


Have a property that you do not want anymore? How about a property that you can not maintain physically or financially? Ask Bourbon City Homes for help. We are not the company to come in and "low-ball" an offer. We give fair market value for property. Even ask about our relocation fee that we give out to help. Feel free to contact us at any point in time at



Thank you for visiting Bourbon City Homes. We look forward to hearing from you so that you can make an educated financial decision about investing in tangible assets like real estate.




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