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"At a profit if we are lucky, at a loss if we must, but to always do what is right"


We here at Bourbon City Homes are here to serve our customer. Whether your roof is damaged, you have a pipe leaking, or you want to just spruce up the house with a new bathroom, kitchen or an outdoor deck, we can handle all of your needs and wants.


Creative Ideas

We do not rehab like anyone out there. We put in a quality product with a quality workmanship to offer a higher value product to the homeowner. We make a difference in the communities.


Professional Team

Our team has over 50 years of experience in this business. We have everyone from contractors, to real estate lawyers, to real estate agents. We have everyone on our team that allows us to completely finish a remodel without having our customer look anywhere else for assistance.


Expert Advice

With our experience in this business along with our expertise in the market we offer every bit of assistance that allows our customers to make decisions that will allow them to add equity into their home.





See what Bourbon City Homes can do. We specialize in renovating homes and bringing them back to their former glory. However, we have an endless list of services that we offer.

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